About Me

Ohad Cohen - Software Developer

Software developer, focused on security & accessibility.

Interested in IOT & blockchain.

More Information

I’m a software developer with deep understanding of systems and processes (operating systems, network protocols, algorithms & information security).

I like to see, understand and improve the way system parts communicate and works, I do believe that a good project partitioning has a big impact on it’s ability to scale, to be integrated with another projects and reused.

Strong background in Bitcoin / blockchain systems and network security.

Work History

2018 - Current: Net Ninjas - CTO & CoFounder

Net Ninjas is a startup building a decentralized cloud platform.

  • Development leader
  • Android, IOS, and web (backend, Flask) developer.

2018 - Current: Lead Client - Web (Full Stack) Developer (Part time)

Lead Client managed phone leads and virtual numbers for marketing campaigns and others.

  • Web development - PHP, MySql, jQuery.
  • Wordpress addons

2018 - Current: Freelance Developer

Freelance software developer - fullstack, and various stuff.

  • IOT (Arduino / ESP + Simple sensors and circuits)
  • Android (Java/Kotlin)
  • IOS (Swift)
  • Web (Nodejs/PHP + Mongo/MySql + Angular/jQuery)
  • Hybrid apps (costum platform + injected JS)
  • Blockchain apps (Bitcoin/Ethreum)
  • Consulting: Blockchain, cyber, cloud, server/client architecture.

2017 - 2018: A-muse - All in One Software Developer & Co-founder

A-muse builds musical therapy solutions and musical creation tools for disabled.

  • Working with CV algorythms
  • Game development
  • Embedded software
  • Music tools

2015 - 2017: Netspark LTD - Senior Software Developer.

Netspark is a web filtering tool.

  • Algorithms for image analysis.
  • Research new systems for fitting solutions.
  • reversing software and protocols.
  • working with many software environments (python/java/swift/c++/php/mysql on windows/android/ios/linux for server/client side)

2016 - 2017: Tikun Olam Makers (TOM) - Software & Hardware Developer (volunteer)

Building solutions for disabled people in Tel Aviv developers group. Projects I was involved in:

2012 - 2015: Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Student for Electrical and Computer Engineering specializing in optoelectronics B.Sc (GPA: 87).
  • C/C++ Teaching assistant & course exercises writer (2015).

other and open source projects:

  • Web Roulette - Random Web Content Deliverer - an android app for delivering random (and hopefully interesting) content from the web. The project was built during Keep it Simple hackathon and is not maintained any more and some services it depends on got closed or changed. (download from google play - Source)
  • SNBOpen - open Samsung notebook files on PC (source)
  • WhatsApp Auto Voice Play - automatically play whatsapp voice messages on android, made for the blinds who can’t get the buttons by themselves. (source)

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