playing with whatsapp api

Whatsapp is a realy popular instatnt messaging platform. but unlike many other platforms - this platform is realy bounded to a phone and phone number, in the last year they enabled

Today I played a little bit with whatsapp, and found few url’s (web addresses) to play and interact with whatsapp. Each url has two forms: one that looks like a web address, and the other is in the form of whatsapp://command. The official commands are documented in whatsapp click to chat help page, but some aren’t documented there - and can be found here.

command whatsapp - web link whatsapp - direct link[1] whatsapp web link
Just open the app whatsapp://chat
open chat whatsapp://send? phone=972526783413
open chat with text’m%20interested%20in%20your%20car%20for%20sale whatsapp://send? phone=972526783413 &text=I’m interested in your car for sale’m%20interested%20in%20your%20car%20for%20sale
open or join group [2] whatsapp://chat? code=1uOhVhVGhdOHuGZ9Lckxkp[2] can’t find one

Few more resources:

A. to create more costumised url’s (e,g:, use this tool (haven’t tested).

B. this looks like an automation tool for whatsapp. it seems publicly unmaintained, but this method can still work (see here).

C. this tool can show you the content of your whatsapp backup from google drive this one can use to extract statistics from it.

D. apiwha seems to have a public api to integrate whatsapp with other tools, it seems they reversed whatsapp web protocol - and you can get some functionality from it.

E. Github is full with whatsapp api, bots and tools, most of them aren’t maintained and can’t be used (blocked by whatsapp).

F. whatsapp web client

G. projects that seems maintained:

whatsapp-framework - for costum bot

web search whatsapp bot

franz - multi messaging desktop app (this is the only desktop project here that not seems to depend on selenium!)

whatsapp api, and one more

Whatsapp Spammer - uses autogui (instead of selenium)

whatsapp tools for rooted phones using exposed


[1] to use this links in your website, use the following html code:

<a href="whatsapp://chat">click me</a> 

[2] to get the group code (like 1uOhVhVGhdOHuGZ9Lckxkp in this example), look at the group invite link. keep in mind that the links are going to expire with the invite link!

Written on March 14, 2018